Strong Bones

Did you know that by the age of 80 our skeletons will have been renewed 4-5 times? Indeed bone is a living tissue and it is continuously renewed throughout our lives. Our bones are constantly being broken down and built up again.

Up to around the age of 30, in healthy individuals with a healthy lifestyle, our bodies make more bone than they destroy.

But from the age of 30, this process is reversed and more bone is destroyed than the body can replace. This loss of bone as we age is caused by several factors including genetic factors, lower hormone levels (oestrogen in women and testosterone for men) lack of physical activity and unbalanced diet.

Changes of bone mass with ageing

During childhood and up to 20-25 years old, bone density and strength constantly increase. From 30 years old, bone mass becomes stable and the process of bone building and destruction tend to be reversed In women, specifically during the menopause, bone mass quickens.

It's therefore important to try to prevent bone loss. So it's key to do everything you can now to keep bones strong for a strong future!


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